DESIGNING LIFE - Jane Worthington - Publisher Lannoo
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In Designing Life, Jane Worthington not only showcases her creations, but also takes the reader on a tour throughout her house, talks about her sources of inspiration and gives tips regarding design, decorating and even designing food. A intimate book that gives an inside view into the world of a top designer.
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For many designers in Europe, the idea of design is associated more with culture and lifestyle than the American idea of design which tends to be more commercial and problem solving oriented.

This book by Jane Worthington, Designing Life, provides a wonderful window into that world. Worthington started out as an industrial designer, moved into furniture design  and counts the Dutch Royal family amongst her clients.

"Design is common sense, style and a lot of discipline. If you have this with a little bit of knowledge you can achieve a lot. This is what this book is about; my acquired knowledge, experience and passion for all that is creative ..."

The premise of the book is that design is your life, it is about the way that you approach everything.

- The Industrial design Society of America.  ( IDSA )

Hard back,  23 x 302 x 301mm, Author Jane Worthington, Photography Kris Vlegels, Book design de Heeren van Vonder.