Peter Nagelkerke - Former Senior Vice President of Philips Design International.

As Former Senior Vice President of Philips Design, I can recommend the strategic design abilities of Jane Worthington. In our organisation she proved to be a lateral thinker and team - player, generating challenging visions and directions for Philips, for our internal devisions as well as our international operating customers.  Her professional strength is recognised by her contribution to important strategic - workshops, setting challenging new directions of product offer.  Her research in human behaviour aspects and target groups is always refreshing, as is her female input, which is highly thought of.  Her outstanding achievements are recognised in global market successes, numerous patents and well deserved design awards.

Frank van Werkum - CEO, Leolux Meubelfabriek BV, 2007 - 2012.

Jane Worthington’s first piece of furniture for Leolux was the Balou, an armchair that was unique in many respects, it was the first armchair we had produced together with a female designer and it was Janes first piece of furniture for an international producer of designer furniture.  Balou was very organic and it pointed Leolux in a new direction.  The characteristic form language stimulated Leolux to put technical innovations in place which made copying of the product less attractive for competitors.  Latter designs from Jane have also contributed strongly to the profiling of Leolux.  Her designs are original, exciting and endowed with a feminine ‘ touch’’ that seduces and endears people, whereby she knows how to translate global trends into practical designs.  Janes models for Leolux which are now in the collection reinforce the differentiating power of Leolux.  They are not only important for profiling Leolux, but certainly also for the result.  Her refreshing approach to design and the positive contributions that accompany her work bring synergies into the creative collaboration between Jane and Leolux.

Drs G.B.M Leers - Minister of Immigration and Asylum 2010- 2012, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Jane is a dedicated professional who gives total commitment and guarantees results.  She is always looking for new challenges in her work and has as a result established her name in different disciplines.  Her ability, understanding and creative input is spoken of highly by CEOs in different manufacturing sectors. Her work for them has helped ensure continued success and has resulted in products which the design press now consider ‘’ design classics’’.

She has proven herself capable of the creative challenges she has set for herself.  Challenges both inside and outside of the ‘’ design’’ sector.  Good examples being the commissions for the portraits of the children of Prince Friso and Princess Mabel.   These paintings now hang in the family home.  A further example is the completion of her first book ‘ Designing Life’’ by Lannoo a leading international publisher.

She is able to operate at this level because she has an intrinsic way of seeing what the client, consumer and market needs. She feels immediately, the direction things have to go to create the best opportunities, for her this is second nature.  Nevertheless she is open for participation of her clients, and uses all the elements she can find to guarantee the results they are expecting.  Given the opportunity and shared enthusiasm Jane has the potential, energy and drive to realise commercial projects of a credible and visionary nature. 

Edward Tonino - Design Center Manager / Philips Design, Singapore.

In the mid 90-ties I worked a number of years with Jane Worthington at Philips Design.  At that moment in time Jane already showed her talent and ability to create solutions with the end user and context of use in mind.  Her concepts were always based on thorough analyses and consumer understanding – her creations always unconventional, fully in line with the right brand identity and injected with a specific feminine touch.  I am happy and proud to see Jane gained experience in multiple other areas of design and that she has developed herself as a top professional.  Global recognitions of her work are the great proof point of her potential and talent.  It is always motivating, inspiring and a great pleasure to work with Jane.

Clive Roux - CEO at SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Design ) Washington. D. C.

Sometimes you meet a young designer and think there is definitely potential there.  The years go by and a thousand professional challenges dull the potential.  In Jane's case those thousand things seem to have faded away and a quiet confidence and sure skill have come to the fore.  The maturing of a strong principled designer is a joy to watch.  There are few female designers that are operating at the level of competence and excellence that Jane is.  See the awards that she has received for her work.  What I most appreciated in Jane while we were working at Philips was her ability to critically look at a situation and comment honestly on what the problem was and how it should be tackled.  Few designers are capable of confronting their older peers in this way.  It takes courage.  I never felt that Jane's point of view came from any requirement to prove herself, but rather from the need to honestly evaluate the problem.  The designers prime responsibility.  I admire that characteristic in Jane.

Andrew Hartman - Director, Business Development at Design Partners, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

I have worked previously with Jane at Philips and now for the past several years as a colleague at the Design Academy Eindhoven.  Jane has built up a unique combination of creative leadership skills, intellectual scope and wide practical design experience.  Her depth of understanding of the business side of design makes her an ideal role model and representative of a thoughtful and successful designer to DAE students.  Jane is also pleasant and approachable with a soft spoken authority and an articulate view of the contribution of contemporary design to our overall quality of life.

Rianne Koens - Ex Student - Director/ Owner at Rianne Koens.

Cum Laude/ First Class Honours Bachelor Degree. Tutor Jane Worthington- Graduate 2011 Design Academy Eindhoven.

Jane was my teacher at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009 as well as in 2011.  I choose her to mentor me through my exam project which resulted in me graduating cum laude ( Bachelor- 1st class honours ) and winning an award for my exam project ‘’Schillenpracht’’.  My choice for Jane was a very conscious one, this as I experienced her as a very honest and clear teacher.  During my exam Jane always gave me a lot of freedom to pursue my own convictions, yet at the same time she constantly showed me what the result of my own choices would be.  She had a great view of the end result during the process.  Jane also has a good feeling of uniqueness within projects and tries to stimulate them in a pleasant way.  Her clear vision really helped me to come up with a valuable end product. 

Remi van Oers - Ex Student - Owner / Designer at Remi van Oers Design. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award.

Graduate 2011 Design Academy Eindhoven. Tutor Jane Worthington. 

During my study at the Design Academy I had the privilege to work together and learn from designer Jane Worthington.  I look back at my study period as an amazing journey; one full of challenges, great projects and great people to get inspired by.   Jane, along with a few other great designers developed me as the designer I am today.   Jane has an extraordinary sense of design and how design should balance humanity, business models and aesthetics.  People often think you shape yourself as a designer but the truth is you are only as good as the opportunities you get offered, the people who support you and the will from them to help you forward in finding your way.  I feel very fortunate having the chance to meet Jane during this period and feel very thankful for her pointing me in the right direction every time when needed.  Besides a great designer, a great teacher, and nowadays a great friend Jane is also an amazing woman.   With amazing I mean one of a kind. Jane is one of those truly honest people that you might only find a couple of times in your life.   Jane is emphatic, she really cares about people and that in my opinion is the only real quality that can set you apart as a designer. 

Nicole Schindelholz - Ex Student - Produktdesignerin - Berlin.

Cum Laude/ First Class Honours Bachelor Degree. Tutor Jane Worthington - Graduate 2011 Design Academy Eindhoven. 

As a former student of the Design Academy Eindhoven I had the pleasure to enjoy Jane’s qualities as a teacher for several years. I also chose Jane to be my exam mentor, she guided me through the process resulting in a cum laude / first class honours Bachelor Degree. Guiding a group of students through an assignment where everybody is working on different ideas is not easy, but Jane had the capacity of seeing each student as a unique and valuable individual. With her honest and authentic nature she guided each student through his own learning process and was open for new ideas, techniques and different ways of working.  It was not always easy to make Jane believe in my projects, but once Id succeeded making her believe in it, then I knew that I had found the right direction and that my work had reached the quality which she was aspiring for in me. Her critical but helpful look at situations makes each student think about what he really want.  Jane was not only inspiring me in my work, she also gave me the power to want more, finding out my potential and exhausting my own capabilities. She can bring the students beyond their own expectations.   Jane is taking her job seriously.  She is self-confident, poised and personally in control of situations, organized and makes efficient use of time.  Furthermore she is able to help students in their own organization and planning.  I always enjoyed the classes and discussions with her but what I most appreciated in Jane was her ability to critically look at students work and comment honestly.  I really liked her direct, critical way of teaching.  It brought me, and will bring a lot of other people much further in their life.  It is not always easy to find people who are giving honest critics.  I think in the Academy she was one of the tutors who could read me the most, who recognized my way of working and who was best able to support me.

Oscar. E. Peña Angarita - Head of Department at The Design Academy Eindhoven.

Jane was one of my lecturers at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the department of Man and Activity during the academic year 2004 – 2012. During her time she demonstrated warmth and individuality of her own and in dealing with students and other lecturers of my department. She is an even-tempered and considerate individual. Her professionalism at work extends to the way she leads her life: she is polite, responsible, and precise. Jane was a good listener and demanding with the students.  Her assignments were challenging and encouraged students to think and execute in new ways. As Head of the Department Man & Activity, I enjoyed her design reviews and the results the students achieved under her guidance.  On a personal level I found her alert and engaging, someone who took full responsibility for herself.  Consequently she was a lecturer I was very happy to have on my department.